Pro Kennex

Pro Kennex
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Tri Axe Lite

R1,214.10 Ex Tax: R1,065.00

Ki Wave

R1,494.00 Ex Tax: R1,494.00

Wave Super Lite

R1,559.52 Ex Tax: R1,368.00

Destiny Lite

R1,518.48 Ex Tax: R1,332.00

Turbo Lite

R1,094.40 Ex Tax: R960.00

Triple compartment Thermal

R1,305.00 Ex Tax: R1,305.00

Red/Black Back-pack

R891.00 Ex Tax: R891.00

Super Touch

R1,026.00 Ex Tax: R1,026.00

Ultra Wet

R0.00 Ex Tax: R0.00

Wrist sweat-band

R54.00 Ex Tax: R54.00


All profit made from sales of equipment goes back directly to the support of our Egoli Squash program.